Angry Quotes About Love

To be angry is to revenge the faults of others on ourselves. Alexander Pope

Every day we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you. Joel Osteen

There are two things a person should never be angry at, what they can help, and what they cannot.Plato

I can be most colorful and inventive when I am angry.Christopher Moore

Be leery of silence. It doesn’t mean you won the argument. Often, people are just busy reloading their guns.Shannon L. Alder

I have learned that I should be careful with the words I choose to say when I am angry because later, those words always leave a huge wound of regrets in my heart besides hurting the loved ones. Those wounds can’t be healed!Nino Varsimashvili

Do not allow yourself to be blinded by fear and anger. Everything is only as it is.Yuki Urushibara

And a beautiful world we live in, when it is possible, and when many other such things are possible, and not only possible, but done– done, see you!– under that sky there, every day.Charles Dickens

One doesn’t generally look into mirrors when one is especially angry; one has better things to do, like pace the floor or throw things.Robin McKinley

Life is so short. The only person you hurt when you stay angry or hold grudges is you. Forgive everyone, including yourself. Tom Giaquinto

And there is nothing more dangerous in this world, in any world, than someone calm, clear and angry.Audrey Hart

If he speaks again without me knowing who he is, I will throw him out of the window. And I won’t open it first.Dan Abnett

If you’re angry at stupid people, you’re tempted to join them.Toba Beta

The world needs more anger. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn’t angry enough.Bede Jarrett

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret. Laurence J. Peter

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute. Josh Billings

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger. Buddha

Bitter people are not interested in what you say, but what you hide.Shannon L. Alder

Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding. Mahatma Gandhi

People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining. Stephen Hawking

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean. Maya Angelou

When anger rises, think of the consequences. Confucius

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turn’d, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. William Congreve

Speak when you are angry, and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.Laurence J. Peter

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Buddha

I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him. Booker T. Washington

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Isaac Asimov

When you are angry try your best to go to sleep, it keeps you away from speaking, writing and thinking while you are angry.Amit Kalantri

It is when you are angry that you must watch how you talk.Chaim Potok

A man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life. Christopher Morley