Coachella Quotes

This is where I feel alive. — Unknown

I wish some nights lasted forever. — Unknown

It feels good, it feels like a badge of honor, honestly. Amongst the artists here, in California, that festival is such a big deal. People live and die for Coachella. So to be a part of it on such a big scale is really flattering, and I feel really lucky to be part of the community. Zella Day

I’m on cloud nine. –Life of the Party” by The Weeknd

No one looks back at their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep. — Unknown

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up.-Partition” by Beyoncé

Music is the strongest form of magic.-Marilyn Manson

I try to keep my private life private. Jake Epstein

Ultimately, I just want someone who knows what songs not to talk over. -Unknown

You don’t have to run, I know what you’ve been through, just a simple touch and it can set you free. — The Weeknd, “I Feel It Coming”

You can’t control the paparazzi. But if you go to Coachella you’re going to get photographed. Whereas if you’re at home, walking down the street you probably won’t. It’s something I’ve learnt to navigate my way around but I try to keep my private life private. Ashley Greene

Can’t beat ’em, just join the party.-“Broken Clocks” by SZA

I want to live in a music festival forever. — Unknown

At times, I fit into lyrics more than I fit into life.— Unknown

I remember playing Coachella and seeing kids in the audience who weren’t even born when we had our initial run of success. They were singing along to every word, which was an amazing thing to see. David Lovering

Aren’t we made to be crowded together, like leaves?-“Third of May / Ōdaigahara” by Fleet Foxes

F*ck the rap, I’m tryna own a planet.— Tyler, The Creator, “Who Dat Boy”

I am not about fringing, cow girl boots, that kind of Coachella vibe. I just wear something comfortable. Georgia May Jagger